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So what is important to me?

by | Apr 29, 2009 | Focus on Living | 0 comments

An acquaintance and I spoke of this a few weeks ago in his office. In most instances, you can discover what is really important to someone within a couple of minutes of casual conversation.

“James” mentioned that while attending his son’s weekend baseball tournament he would often take a book along to read between games. Most of the other dads were more interested in what my acquaintance considered trivial subjects – golf or their own baseball skills or something else. In turn, those dads couldn’t understand why someone would bother with a book.

As he spoke, I was reminded of a conversation with a man who I didn’t know very well. Several years ago, my wife and I arrived for a party for one of his kids. Within a few minutes of arriving at his home, the man asked me what I single thing I enjoy most. Without waiting for my answer, he responded that he would like to live near a golf course and play golf everyday. That was it. Golf. It was quite literally, all he had to talk about.

Now, before I appear too critical, if given the opportunity I might have answered that my family was most important to me or my career or even serving in the local church. All of these are important. Golf or hobbies are fun as well, but what am I giving my life to? What is most important?

My daily life gives the answer to everyone I meet.

I heard a man speak earlier today about his father and a series of strokes he suffered. While he had never been a religious man, he spent the next three years of his life often reading a bible with his one good eye. At the end he told his son that ” he had fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith.” His condition caused him to take a good look at his life. He chose the faith.

This weekend I saw this man walking with a cane. He has a neurological disorder that probably keeps him from playing golf at all. Life has a way of bringing us around to the important, if we will listen.


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