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Seeing Clearly

by | May 25, 2009 | Focus on Living | 2 comments

On Friday mornings I have breakfast with a friend.  During the course of our conversation, he brought up the trouble he was experiencing with a computer and printer at work.  While I am no computer expert, I offered a couple of ideas to troubleshoo the problem.  I could see the light bulb go off in his eyes.  He had not considered the possible solution.  He was just a little too close to the problem to consider a few other options.

I don’t always see things so clearly.  These days I have enough trouble reading fine print- or a lot of regular sized print – without the help of my cheaters. Unfortunately the same can be true with my spiritual eyes.

This week I spoke with another friend in confidence about a matter of particular concern. I was surprised with his insight into the subject.  I was impressed with his compassion.  And as he spoke, I realized that I had not been seeing the entire situation with the kind of focus I need.  My eyes are more than a little cloudy.

He told me that while others may see prayer as passive, no act is more assertive. He spoke to me about the need to pray. Really pray. So I will.  And I’ll learn to really have absolute confidence in God’s character and His promises in my life and the lives of those who matter most to me.


  1. jim

    Don’t know about you, Marty, but I can tell you that, for me, “surrender” is a choice often encountered in this. Humanity carries with it its own mind, its own will, its own emotions; and I don’t think we ever achieve perfection. I speak, though, not so much in the sense of doing what’s right as in the sense of “finding His flow” in the midst of what we’re doing at any one time. Tween you and me, I feel like that flow is often “sat on” at Christ Chapel, “forced” at Community; and don’t wish to throw stones at either congregation. In fact, I rewrote my last post several times, not wanting to elaborate on my last visit to the old assmbly…..

    As far as prayer, I believe God hears everything we speak unto Him. I believe we sometimes find a “flow” that confirms we’ve made connection and sometimes, at His discretion and in His wisdom, He takes it even a step farther and becomes one with us, praying through us via the Holy Ghost, manifesting Himself unto us and thus creating, renewing, building faith……

    I was there Sunday morning. Beth was home, not having slept well the night before. Terry’s sermon on having “stones of legacy” to share with our children stayed with me and I went to my oldest daughter that afternoon, letting her know that I regretted nothing in raising my three girls there at Community, that I was glad the grandchildren are now in their school, and that my last five year journey has not been easy, simply a matter of not being able to follow anymore where leadership has gone. The last was not spoken in judgment. It may well be me who needs some “fine tuning”, part of what I’m talking about above. If our hearts are turned toward Him, I believe He walks with each of us in a stumble down the road…..

  2. jim

    Got school Monday morning, Marty, and for whatever reason was thinking about the above comment and realized the “legacy” sermon (I think) was the week before, this week’s mostly about remembering those who served and short on Biblical input. Not that I, as once a member of those who served, didn’t appreciate the words he gave. If you catch the post I just finished, you’ll get my sentiments on the subject of Memorial Day. Hope your week goes well. I’m thinking, by what Terry said Sunday, that there will be no classes this Wednesday evening. Do you know?….


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