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Some Hot Air and Great People

by | Jun 24, 2009 | Focus on Living | 1 comment

IMG_2826Twenty years ago I worked with a group of people who organized the first Great American Hot Air Balloon Race in Danville, Kentucky. Imagine what it looked like to see more than two dozen colorful balloons floating over the college town in Central Kentucky. Quite a site.

On the twentieth anniversary, my wife and I were invited to go this year’s event. The radio station had really improved on the event and it really was bigger and better than ever. Hundreds of people gathered at Stuart Powell Field with lots of vendors, a group of people exhibiting early 1900’s bicycles and a musician playing piano from a cart he pushed through the crowd. But the main event included thirty hot air balloons in the sky at dusk.

The atmosphere and the event was great, but the most interesting aspect was to reunite with some of the people I had worked with and for during our years in Danville. I suppose I may be more nostalgic than most, but spending the evening with these old friends was more than worth the two hour drive.

Before the Balloon race, one of the friends offered his seat in one of the balloons to the lovely Patrina who really enjoyed every part of the ride.  This left me with time to get reacquainted with a group of old friends and clients.

Often when I meet old friends, the conversation tends to center on the past and the time spent reminiscing is relatively short. On this evening in Danville, we talked with these friends about our families and change and about trips to other parts of the world. One friend talked at length about several missions trips he’s taken while in his 70s. It changed his view of the world as my first trip to Venezuela twelve years ago did mine.

They say you can’t go home again and that may be true in many ways, but for this one evening it was great to be back in Danville.

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  1. jim

    Sounds like a great reunion and a thrill for Patrina riding in that balloon. I’ve always thought that sky-diving would be an experience, but never got around to trying it. Now you’ve got me imagining the feel of this one.

    My mother went into the hospital Tuesday and went into surgery Wednesday evening so I didn’t get to church. I’ll catch up with you later on Merton’s book….


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