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Actions have Consequences

by | Jul 6, 2009 | Focus on Living | 0 comments

The news over the past couple of weeks has featured stories on the governor of South Carolina failure to live up to his commitment as a husband and father, the death of Michael Jackson who had his own problems with life, and this past weekend former NFL quarterback, Steve McNair was killed in what may be a case of murder suicide while his wife and four children were placed on the shelf for a 20 year old.

You might ask – What were these people thinking? The fact is that, regardless of what we intended, our actions have consequences. Every decision affects the lives of others directly or indirectly. Immediately or sometime in the future.

How about when it hits closer to home? This weekend I learned of a woman who left her husband for a former life on the streets doing what is necessary to earn money to feed a drug habit. Another couple told me of their son who has broken the hearts of his parents. A young woman mentioned the fact that a group of acquaintances gossiped about someone she loves.

Contrary to what some make think, we do not live in our own little worlds.


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