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New Life Collides with Real Life

by | Jul 8, 2009 | Focus on Living | 1 comment

Consider the following quote from Phil Steiger –
“When I am in the middle of a busy street chances are higher that I will be hit by a car than when I am in the middle of the park. The disciplines are intended to put me in the middle of the street where I am most likely to be “hit” by God. And they are also designed to be an expression of surrender; I am no longer the lord of my life, but I willingly give that place to Christ.”

One of the greatest challenges we face is living out our Faith in the middle of the streets we live in today.

Chapter three of Colossians addresses these issues straight as our lives need to reflect the change Christ has done inside each of us. Paul gives us a description of the Christian life as we intentionally direct our attention to Christ as we “seek the things that are above…set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”

Sometimes the way I approach my relationship with God is less than something I pursue with real focus. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with life.  Or busy. Or?  How about you?  God has a plan so we can put on the life of Christ and it often starts by putting off things that get in the way.

As I read the first seventeen verses I found these questions to be helpful.

How can we “put to death the earthly” in us since we now live for Christ?

What is challenging about your attitude or reactions to ?

What kinds of things does Paul ask us to “put on”?

What’s love got to do with it?

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  1. jim

    I’ve been chewing on this one, Marty. For me, I think it all boils down as to whether “Christ in me” is a daily reality, or at least a daily oasis to which I run. Surely each of us fail Him on a regular basis, but He is not “in” me because I do or do not do certain things. I do or do not do some things because of the fact that He is, indeed, within me. Then, regardless of how well I manage to live my day, grace isn’t just Biblical terminolgy, but an Indwelling who meets me in a surrender of who and what I am; and that “footwashing” giv es me strength for the next step. the next day….


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