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They probably thought they were right

by | Aug 13, 2009 | Christianity, Faith | 1 comment

macbookpro-cracked-screenLast week I dropped my computer and the screen cracked. Ouch.

This week I stopped by a computer repair shop that has renovated an old church in the middle of Cincinnati. As I walked toward the entrance another man joined me. I assumed he was and employee and asked him what kind of church originally met in the building. I thought my question might provide an opportunity to discuss Christ or at least have a little more conversation than “Good Morning”.

His response was unexpected. He said, “I don’t know, but I am sure they thought they were right.”

Usually, I can come up with a quick response. Not this time. His words conveyed a certain distaste for Christianity and it seemed to run deep. I wondered what kind of experience he had with the church in general. Did he see Christianity as narrow-minded in its convictions? He was a contractor. Maybe he had been stiffed or mistreated in some other type of deal with a Christian. Obviously, I am still wondering.

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  1. jim

    I’d venture to say, Marty, that his view of the Church is not born out of any singular situation, but constructed out of what he sees and hears from the ecclesiastical community as a whole. I blogged on my miscue Wednesday evening and apologize if it came out wrong, but my point remains: If our focus is not on the reality of Christ “in” me, if our witness is not a flow Him speaking through us and not just a mental attempt to justify our thinking, what we get is my miscue. It happens, of course, in spite of good intentions and maybe because of good intentions; but, then, it remains a journey, a stumble, a desire to know Him in who and what we are…


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