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An Opportunity

by | Jun 22, 2011 | Christianity | 0 comments

Life, impact, and making a difference are the result of people who make personal commitments and keep them.

  • Personal commitments make it possible to stay pure and to resist the power of peer pressure when every fiber of your body wants to do what everyone else seems to be doing.
  • Personal commitment is the difference between marriages that last and marriages that fail.
  • Personal commitment is the difference between ministries that endure and those that end when circumstances become difficult.
  • Personal commitment is the difference between staying and benefiting from a tough course or quitting and flunking out of school.

Personal commmitment, over the long haul, makes up what we call character.

When character, along with a dislocated hear, a broken spirit and a radical faith, devise the kind of strategic plans that further God’s agenda in the world, Holy Ambition has reached maturity in another life.”

Let’s think about your life and mine  Where do we need to make a personal commitment?  Not a good intention.  Not a desire to try a little harder but a personal commitment.


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