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Overcoming Evil

by | Oct 17, 2011 | Christianity, Forgiveness | 0 comments

When asked about the importance of the Law, Jesus summed up the commandments with two basic perspectives.  Love God.  Love Others.

Some of the “others” in our lives include those individuals who intend to harm us.  Both Jesus and Paul tell us to love our enemies.  We are to rejoice with them.  We are to feel compassion for them.  We are to forgive them.

Verse 17 of Romans 12, tells us to never repay evil for evil.  Revenge is not an option.  We are to do our part to live peacefully with those around us.  Why?  We usurp God’s authority and generally make a mess of things on our own.

To the contrary we are to feed our enemies if they are hungry.  We are to give him a drink if he is thirsty.  How easy is all of this for you?

In order to live this kind of real life love, a supernatural work must begin inside of me and end on the outside of my life and this continually refers me back to the beginning of this chapter as Paul commands us to surrender our lives everyday.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Supernaturally.


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