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Looking for enlightenment?

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Bible, Christianity | 0 comments

Read: Psalm 119: 105

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


While we were out in Phoenix last week my Mom mentioned her cataract surgery some years ago. It brought to mind how she said that it was not until after the surgery that she was aware of just how much darkness had crept into her vision. With the obstructions removed she commented that the world became so much brighter and clearer.

Has the same been true in our spiritual lives?

Take the Apostle Paul before he encountered the risen Christ. Paul grew up as a Jew among Jews. He knew and lived the Law calling himself blameless. He had great zeal for God, but it was misdirected.

When Paul was stopped in his tracks by Jesus it changed everything – although it was not immediate. Paul had just met Christ and now for three days, he lived in physical darkness as he had to be led by the hand.

How would you respond? How did Paul?

Paul had three days to reflect on what Jesus had said and what it meant for his own life. The book of Acts tells us he did not eat or drink. Surely, his fasting included considerable time in prayer. He must have spent time seeking God because we know he saw a vision of the man Ananias. Then when Ananias placed his hands on Paul he prayed for two things. Ananias prayed for Paul’s physical healing and that Paul would be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Book of Acts tells us that “something like scales” fell from his eyes, but Paul’s spiritual eyes were also opened for the very first time. It must have been as if he was reading the Scripture for the very first time as the Holy Spirit revealed the truth.


Today, ask if there is something you’ve closed your eyes to in Scripture? Let’s ask God together to open our eyes to the truth.


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